Shish Tandoori | Indian Restaurant & Takeaway Aberdeen Reviews:

Simone McCarthy

Shish Tandoori on Ellon Road is one of the best places to eat in Aberdeen. Every time I visit this Restro and Bar in Aberdeen, my perception of it being "better than the best" gets stronger.

Zoraida Williams

Shish Tandoori is a mind blowing Indian Restaurant in Aberdeen. I am addicted to its chicken biryani and chicken Tikka. If I were to rank the restaurants in this city, I would say it is the Best Restaurant in Aberdeen.

Abbie Stewart

I have to visit Aberdeen once a month for business purposes,and I always make it a point to have my lunch at Shish Tandoori. They serve the best Lamb Tikka Masala I have ever tasted. The Chicken Biryani is also quite delicious and successfully retains the authenticity of the Indian flavour.

Aleisha Millar

Being an Indian living in Scotland for a few years now, I can vouch that this place makes the best kebabs in Scotland. I often visit with my family, and my kids love to have the Tandoori Chicken they serve along with the dips and the Garlic Chilli Naan.

Lennox Taylor

Great place, great food, excellent service Shish Tandoori is a complete package. I love visiting this lovely restaurant whenever I get a craving for Indian food. Being someone who was not a big fan of Indian food earlier, Shisha Tandoori sure has changed my mind ever since I visited them a couple of years back.

Helen Christie

The best thing I love about this restaurant is their use of authentic Indian ingredients. They do not try to overdo it with lots of exoticness but stick to the basics. I have had my share of true-blue Indian food,and I feel glad that there is a place that serves me the same stuff, right in the city where I live.

Hayley White

I am personally not a lover of Indian food, but maybe that is because of my previous experiences. I have only been to Shish Tandoori once, and I really loved their chicken Ghaly Masala and Lamb Budda so soft and succulent! I would really like to visit again.

Sean Sutherland

I consider myself bit of a connoisseur when it comes to Indian food. And ever since I visited Shish Tandoori, I have been taking my non-Indian friends to the place to show off how delicious Indian food tastes like. I absolutely love how the restaurant embraces the originality of the cuisine with the usage of herbs and spices.

Kieran Gibson

I and my husband had a great anniversary dinner at Shish Tandoori. The food was delicious, and the portions size was huge, and the staff was so courteous that we did not even have to call for a wine refill. I am certainly going to suggest this restaurant to my friends!

Flynn Johnston

The first thing I notice about an eating place is its ambience, and Shish Tandoori had me right from the moment I entered. The ambience is so lovely and comfortable. And add to that their mouth-watering dishes and warm hospitality - and you have a perfect date night or an official dinner.

Lois Burns

My girlfriend loves Indian food,and I had never had, so so she took me to Shish Tandoori. And truth be told I was completely blown away by the burst of flavours in my mouth. The waiters were so cordial as well. From suggesting us the best kebab on the menu (lamb) to attending us throughout - it was perfect!

Elsa Reid

I have grown up in India relishing my moms cooking,and the food here at Shish Tandoori takes me back to those days. The tandoori dishes here are absolutely smashing. And although I never thought I could find the original taste of biryani anywhere in Aberdeen, I am glad they proved me wrong!

Emma Culley

Im always on the go i.e. frequently switch between cities due to business purpose. So, whenever Im in Aberdeen I always go to the Shish Tandoori restaurant- not just because of delicious food, but also due to accommodation.

Marc Dawson

Reluctantly I went with my friends to taste Indian food in Shish Tandoori restaurant as i didnt have good experience with it till yet in any restaurant. Having said that, the taste and presentation of Shish Tandoori restaurant is remarkable.

Johnny Wilson

Incredible experience! I mean they dont just serve tasty food, but they also serve unforgettable experience, which urged me to visit them frequently along with my friends.


The best restaurants for Indian food lovers in Aberdeen or say paradise for Tandoori cult.

Simon Smith

Shish Tandoori is a top notch restaurant in Aberdeen. Well worth a visit, friendly atmosphere of staff and good quality authentic Indian food at its best. Really value for money!

Alex Gibson

Shish Tandoori is an excellent Indian restaurant. Joe and his team work tirelessly to provide good quality of Indian food with balance of flavour, love and creativity that you can taste in every bite.

Meng Leng

Shish Tandoori is the best Indian restaurant in Aberdeen, it is truly fantastic. The highest quality food & service. Took family for a meal at this restaurant, really enjoyed the food and the service was great.